One year anniversary giveaway

It’s getting hot in France these two weeks. After coming back from Paris, I hide myself at home. One reason is avoid the sunlight and high temperature and the other reason is fight with my new toy---a sewing machine.

When my in-laws were here with us in May, they tried to teach me the basic function because I knew nothing about this but would like to make some curtains for our new house. In fact this is an excuse! The main purpose is I want to make some mini tissue and also imagine that I will be capable to make beautiful clothes for my dolls someday. ^o^

I tried hard to manage this stubborn machine last week. I felt shame to present any working result and hided incomplete pieces in the drawer. I need more advises or an instructor to train me. XD

So, this week I am back to my FIMO stock and the pasta machine. My Etsy shop looks dull for a long time. I want to try some more different things after SIMP inspiration but I make eventually some French candies and biscuits as a souvenir of my one-year-anniversary on Blogspot. Yeah! I started my blog on 4th July 2009 and I am really pleased to know so many friends from here. I do appreciate all my followers who support and keep company with me.

As you can see, I prepare “French Calissons Set” as a giveaway. Calisson is a specialty of Aix-en-Provance in France. It consists of a smooth, pale yellow, homogeneous paste of ground almonds topped with a thin layer of white icing. It’s very sweet! This set contains 12 mini calissons, 4 nut chocolates, 3 biscuits roses de Reims and 5 waffle biscuits.

What you have to do is leave a sweet message here, my dear followers! You will definitely have the opportunity to win this sweetie! The lucky fellow will appear on 14th July, French time.

Have fun and Happy Independence Day!


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