Musée des Miniatures et décors de cinéma-Vieux Lyon

Last Wednesday I met some friends in Lyon and we passed a great dinnertime together.

The first time I visited Lyon was in September 2008. Since I stayed only for two days, I did not have enough time visiting this famous international museum of miniature. So last Thu, I went back to Vieux Lyon by metro cause I was eager for it.

Musée des Miniatures et décors de cinéma is one private museum. Except the marvelous windows, there are also some film scenes displays from the basement to 1st floor. My heart vibrated to all the treasres inside. It’s so touching that I passed two hours there in the morning. Even I got a fever at that moment, I still enjoyed a lot.

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Lyon is one of my favorite cities in France. There is a lot of good food that you could have traditional Lyonnaise cuisine in the ‘bouchon’. Of course Lyon is also one cultural center but it’s totally different from Paris style! You must consider it as one stop once you come to France.


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