Hot dog, delicious!

Today is Independence Day of United States. Although the subject has nothing to do with it, my first post of miniature on blogspot is done this evening :-)

Personally I love hot dog with spicy flavor, witch is garnished with pickle relish, and chili peppers; of course onion, salad, and mustard are also requisite.

This is the first time that I make the hot dog sandwich.
Hope you would also like it.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I love your blog! :)

hannajaleijona said...

Oh, yes! Your hotdogs look great with all the garnishings. Can I have two please? ;o)

About Me said...


Thanks for your encouragement.
you are the best! :)

About Me said...

Bonjour Hanna,

No problem! I could send you by Fedex next Monday.
Furthermore, if it's possible, I'd like to exchange 20 hot dogs for your lovely cat. :) *Kidding*
I also like your Patchwork a lot!

D. Haynes said...

You do very well for just starting. These hotdogs look perfect! Keep creating and sharing with us in your Blog.

About Me said...

Dear Gene,

Thanks for your praises and encouragement.
I must do my best to amuse everybody and myself with miniature food. :)

Mirja said...

Looks soooo delicious :P

Unknown said...

Wow what amazing sculpting!

Do you by any chance sell any of the 1/6 food items?
I would love to buy a few for 1/6 scale dioramas ect.

Please let me know, my email address is steven.bloomfield@hotmail.com




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