Featured on Les Minis de Dongedy

I am so proud to be featured on Les Minis de Dongedy by Dongedy, who is an excellent French photographer that I admire. With her penetration, she finds the accurate tiny scene that mini men can work in the surreal universe.

Her works show good sense of humor and most of them make me smile. Thank you, Dongedy!

Welcome to visit her Blog, Flickr and Etsy Shop. You will find a lot of treasures there!


Merry Jingle said...

Congratulations :) And those photos are fab, wonderful ideas,


Tiff said...

Those photos are beautiful! I recently came across your blog and went through it in about two days, I couldn't stop looking because everything is so gorgeous! I can't believe you say you are a beginner in your profile because I am, and you make me feel terrible haha.

About Me said...

Thanks for your lovely words, Ira! :P

Hi Tiff,

Thanks for liking my minis and photos. I start to work into polymer clay since May last year and you remind me that I need to update my profile. :)
I believe you are able to create pretty minis as long as you love it and spend time on it! Go go go!


mr. pineapple man said...

hhahah! so funny!!


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