Amy's Miniature

Amy is one of my favorite artisans and also a senior instructor who has given courses of miniatures in Hong Kong since 1994. Before I started making mini food, I have noticed her fabulous works and they made me crazy. :D

More of her works:

I was pleased to have her messages and get more contact with her. I hope I will have opportunities to meet her and join her workshop this year. She is going to attend the Japan Dollhouse Exhibition in Tokyo on 12th and 13th Jun. Wish her good luck!


Merry Jingle said...

Amazing work, thank you for sharing :)

Linda Carswell said...

Amazing work...brilliant!
Thank you so much for the link.
Such inspiration....wow!


Unknown said...

oh wow, thanks for the recommendation :)

Sans! said...

Absolutely mind-blowing. Her cakes are pretty incredible. Thanks for the intro and her links.

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

The Amy's works is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing, Peiwen :))

Christel said...

Oh my what a great artist!! Incredible, just like you Oiseau:)

Patricia said...

What an amazing artist!!! I admire you so much! I wish I can do something 10% like this at least someday! Thanks for sharing!

miniature wonderland said...

woww i love all those miniatures....
soo lovely... ;)

About Me said...

Oh girls, thanks for your messages and I am pleased to introduce one of my favorite artists to you.

Dear Christel,

You are one of my favorites too.
Hope someday I am able to reach your level. :)



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