Gifts from Carol- New logo & cake box templates

I am pleased and am so lucky to know Carol since March or April. I like her and enjoy reading her posts because it’s interesting to know and learn different tricks of Photoshop from her. She is adorable and so kind to share with people.

In July, we discussed about swap gifts.She knows I love to make packages and what I received from her is awesome cake box templates and new versions of logo.

I have thought of new logo for a long time for my blog, some printable material for my miniatures and maybe my “future website”. I am so lucky to have Carol design for me. She applies my favorite elements, bird and lace to alphabet "O" of Oiseau. We discussed dozens of times and my logo comes out perfectly!

She also designs sevral different versions for me; I am thinking to apply these logos to the packages and labels in the coming projects!

I remember some friends noticed the pretty cake boxes going with “Charlotte de macarons aux fruits de la passion” when I post in July. Yeah, it’s also Carol who makes my request come true.

Carol is a very talented graphic designer and is so generous to people. I do appreciate her valuable help!

Do visit her blog True2scale---you will find many treasures and useful information there!


Carol Mittlesteadt-Kubrican said...

Your pictures are soooo much better than mine!

Ascension said...

Quedara genial para tu pasteleria!!!!
Enhorabuena a las dos por ese gran trabajo en equipo.
besitos ascension

Unknown said...

awesomeness!! gorgeous works, by both parties involved ^ ^

Patty said...

Oiseau, What a darling logo Carol has made for you!! I really love birds too and this will look sweet on your labels and boxes!!!

Catherine said...

It is all so beautiful. Congratulations on such a wonderful trade for both of you.

I knew Carol was a wizard with her computer but I really didn't know what she did for a living. I am impressed. My computer skills are as good as my jet fighter pilot ones. LOL

miniaturista said...

Las tartas están muy dulces, así que pronto se acabarán solo hace falta que las prueben.
Un abrazo

Case di Bambola said...

Your work is amazing, and I love the new logos and packaging :)

rosanna said...

Hi Peiwen, I'm sorry I did not answer your mail yet but real life , coming back from holiday, has been overwelming. Please, if I can be of any help, let me know.
The partnership between Carol and you has given wonderful fruits, love your logos. have a nice day, Rosanna

Merline said...

Très joli logo ! J'aime beaucoup.
Ton amie est très douée.

Karin said...

What a wonderful gifts!, you must be very lucky!

Greetings, Karin.

Sanschichis said...

Quel joli logo! Tes merveilles vont être superbement habillées!

Zafran ali said...

So cool & so gorgeous,I really appreciate you,You have done nice work.
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