Create our own clay pantone

I have passed a period of time without Internet and TV in my life after the house move. I went shopping alone and read a new book that I ordered from Amazon.fr last week when my husband had business trip in US.

I was touched and so much inspired by this book: Polymer Clay COLOR INSPIRATION/ Lindly Haunani & Maggie Maggio

It starts from the theories of Hue, Value and Saturation but there are also some very interesting techniques in this book.

I spent two days making three clay pantones. It's useful to get the formula of each color.

Here are also two inspirational videos on YouTube:
Color Scales in Polymer Clay
Color Scales II - Playing with Color Scales
Highly recommend!

When my husband was away, I made a new friend--- a gray cat. He came to see me all the week. When seeing him in the garden now, I just need to wave my hand and call him, and he jumps and runs to me immediately. What a lovely cat!:P


Ascension said...

besitos ascension

Patty said...

Oiseau! The pantone's look wonderful. I was given that book as a gift but haven't had time to look too much at it. I am so happy that you are getting settled in your house. I am looking forward to seeing more of your creations!!

Carol Kubrican said...

Welcome back to Blogland! I hope that your move went well and you're enjoying your new home.

On the subject of pantone, have you checked out www.pantone.com? It has some interesting color schemes posted by users. Another pantone-related website that I enjoy is www.colorstrology.com where you can see your pantone color horoscope!

It's nice to have you back!

Unknown said...

woah, welcome back, and with such an awesome recommendation too! been struggling with making greens, this will be immensely helpful thank you!

hope the move went well, and gratz on your new friend :P

About Me said...

Hi Ascension, Patty, and Cindy,
This book is really useful and worth reading! It does help me find out formula of colors.
Good luck to find out your ideal ones!

I have tried to visit these two websites this morning; it seems interesting to find out the pantone color horoscope but I was not able to access to www.colorstrology.com. I will try again later. Another interesting website I found yesterday is http://www.pantone-france.com; it looks fun too!! Thanks for the sharings!

Unfortunately, I don’t get rid of the nightmare of Internet yet.
It’s said we still need to wait for another 15 days. @.@ C’est la vie; on est en France. *Life without network is BLACK!*
Our house looks still empty but next week my parents-in-law will come to the South; we will choose more furniture and work hard together. :D


Carol Kubrican said...

Hi Oiseau,

The horoscope page uses Flash. Perhaps that is why you cannot access it? I hope you enjoy your time with your family! I like your new four-footed friend!


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