Garden Hyacinth: flower of spring

When I returned in Taipei, I visited K.T.(minihouse) and asked for a lovely ‘training’--- making a pot of g graceful Hyacinth!

In fact I have admired K.T.’s work for years. After we decided to go back to Taiwan, I called her and asked if I could join her workshops.

I was very lucky and have spent several days with her. She has acquired mastery of sculpture; she is also like simpatico and frank sis! I do like her!

Each petal of Hyacinth, as you can see, is cut with a pair of scissors; K.T. told me it was always better to start with larger scales than the smaller ones. I spent several hours in the course and just finished this pot. But it’s worthy to wait!! :D

So, this week, I started making some Hyacinths at home. All of them are made in air-dried clay (ADC) and in 12th scale. It has been a long time I don’t play with ADC but still love its translucent effect. The diameter of the smallest pot is 8mm and 7mm high. They are darling, non?! :0)

Inspired by Carol, I also made some baskets this week. They are very simple ones but will try someting different with MyFrenchCuisine next week!


Bon dimanche!


M Carmen Casanova said...

Oh!!!!! que preciosidad. Me preguntaba como podría conseguir unos bulbos, para decorar mi cocina shaby y los tuyos son perfectos. Esperaré ansiosa que los pongas en Etsy. Besos.

Kikka N said...

Soo beautiful work! Gorgeous, fantastic!

rosanna said...

OMG they are fabulous !!!! Jacynth is my favourite flower and yours are perfect ! Rosanna

Arantxa Fariña said...

Beautiful Work!!!

I like so much!!

Mini hugs

Carol Kubrican said...

Beautiful!! You have captured all of the detail and translucency in the hyacinths. I'm happy to see that you have started making baskets! Nice work! Welcome back!

Catherine said...

They are just beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I also love your basket.

Paris Miniatures said...

Waow:) they are beautiful!

miniacollection said...

Beautiful work!

Merline said...

Hooooo, tes fleurs sont sublimes !
J'adore !

Patty said...

These flowers are so amazing and delicate! I love how real they look and all of the details that you have added with the flowers....the little moss in the pots!! How sweet for you to be able to take a class with your friend! I love these so much!!!

Carol's handiwork said...

i love your mini flowers.

Alison Shibata said...

Your hyacinths are perfectly beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more baskets, too. I'm having a go at weaving also and find it quite challenging.

Rosa Caruso said...


Jollie said...

Oh my gosh, they are soooo adorable!!
I admire your talent! :)

Hugs, Jollie

About Me said...

Thanks so much for your words, ladies.
I hope I will do better after sometime.

If some of you are interested in the little pots of flowers, you can email me.

I have made several oval baskets yesterday but still need to improve my skill. :o)

Kleine Vingers said...

The hyacints are lovely, they really bring spring a little closer. I love them!

ViLmus said...

Absolutamente maravilloso!
Yo amo todo tu trabajo!


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