Some treasures from the SIMP

I arrived 30 minutes before the show started. I was the 30th visitor. When the door opened, I walked directly to Elisabath's stand and I am also her first customers. She is affable and friendly! It took time to choose her minis because everything is that beautiful. 

Didier WETZEL's workshops also interest me. He gives not only workshop of furniture but also wood turnings.

The most impressive thing for me is discover "Le Molecole" in the show. Rosanna has sent me her web last year; it was thrilling to see her and her works in the show. I think I spent more than 30 minutes in total in front of her stand. I was struggling!!! LOL

I was happy because I brought several lovely pieces from the SIMP. This is the second time I attend the show; I was pleased to meet Rosanna and Geneviève in person.  I was very satisfied with my purchase too. :D


cockerina said...

welcome home! I await news on Simp, and I hope to see your creations! ..

Unknown said...

welcome back!! am so envious that you get to visit SIMP! am awaiting your virtual tour...^ ^ (and more of your beautiful work!)

Catherine said...

What a perfect setting for your new miniatures. I love Rosanna's egg cozies.

I'm glad you had a good time in Paris!

Flora said...

Next year I would like to be there, if not to sell, at least ... to buy :-)
I find it really cool that, like the pieces of a puzzle, all the experiences of the participants, told the blog, put together form a complete picture of this extraordinary day, and give to those who could not attend in person, the impression of being been there :-)
Thanks, you too :-)
Mini hugs, Flora

La casa de Elisa said...

¡¡que bonito¡¡¡ tengo que hecer cubre teteras me encantan
besos elena

Unknown said...

You bougt a lot of nice stuff. Looking forward to more pictures.

rosanna said...

Thank you Peiwen, it's been a pleasure to meet you.
The eggcovers and Tcozy look so much at home in your setting, thank you for showing them and more for the pics you sent to me. Have a nice day, Rosanna

miniacollection said...

J'adore la cuisine et les miniatures de Rosanna vont si bien dans cette scène.
J'étais très heureuse de vous rencontrer.

asukasakumo said...

Hehe, I am so jealous at what you got from SIMP, I wish I could see them myself! Looks like a lot of fun :D

Linda Carswell said...

Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos with us. It is so nice to see such good quality images and such a treat to have links also...thank you!
I so enjoyed seeing photos of my dear friends Rosanna and Genevieve.

...now I just hope to make it there next year...fingers crossed!!

Carol Kubrican said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures and giving us your report. It is the next best thing to being at SIMP! And I have been introduced to some new artists too!

M.Narbon said...

Gracias por enseñarnos estas buenísimas fotos de SIMP!!
Es una feria a la que realmente me gustaría ir.

Maria Ireland said...

I have just found your fantastic blog. I love your work. The minis you bought are wonderful. :)

Elderberry said...

WOW! I wish in my country were so exhibitions too.
I see You had great fun by visiting SIMP, and I understand why ^^

Mari@ said...

What a beautiful things! Thank you for sharing Peiwen. :o)

Sans! said...

I absolutely love the picture of the kitchen setting with Rosanna's little cozies. SIMP looks like a great fair!


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