The latest arrival, and some update

I have been taking some rest since these two weeks. The first week, I felt excited because our sofa bed has arrived; the next day Carol sent me messages and photos directly from Tom Bishop Show. I felt as if I were on the site shopping with everybody. LOL
The second week, I received Susi and Susanna’s parcels. Their works are stunning, aren’t they?! I was so pleased with my purchase and swap gifts. They both are excellent and creative artisans that I admire. I am certain you must find treasures once you drop by MiniEden and Elämää koossa 1:12.

I was playing some petal colors last week. It was not that interesting to do molding compared to flowers and fishes sculpting. But when I saw the colors came out nicely, I was satisfied. :o) 

During the weekend, we took a walk along the seashore and had seafood and fish in a little village. The dinner was tasty; the presentation was inspirational too!

Another interesting experience is I went for a flea market with MyFrenchCusine yesterday morning;  With her guide and introduction, I knew better antique stuffs and the ways they worked.   
In the end, I brought two little treasures back home: a waffle maker and a coffee grinder! They are not that expensive but are nice decoration for the house!


Catherine said...

I love your antique waffle maker and coffee grinder. Those will look great in your 1: 1 kitchen.

Oooooh You have lots of new wonderful work. I have to pay a visit to your Etsy shop soon.

Plushpussycat said...

Fun post! I enjoyed seeing all your new gifts and adventures along the way! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Unknown said...

lucky lucky you! i love everything! LOL i have that waffle maker in 1:6 XD

i saw your latest pottery offerings i LOVE the new spring colours!!! :D :D :D

Lara said...

Nice things you have! I love the 1:1 stuff too!

Patty said...

Peiwen, I love your swap gifts that arrived and also what you bought yourself at the Antique fair. Your new dishes are so darling!!! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend!!

Unknown said...

A lot of nice things, lucky you!

Las pequeñas cosas de Victoria said...

que maravilla de compras y regalos
¡¡ muchisimas felicidades por todos ellos !!
que envidiable paseo por el mar ,y que platos tan suculentos !!
disfruta del descanso.
un besito ,que tengas un buen dia

iki.i said...

Your Beatrix Potter pie plates could be real ones ! I'm sure you could cook a real tiny mini apple pie in one of them ;)


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