Veggie Mold Starts

I have been absent for almost a month! I was not willing to work in the garage and in the kitchen but I had to since the in-laws have come to the South and help some work for the house in May.

It was difficult thinking of the SIMP but making almost nothing for a moment last month.
What we have gained was a beautiful range hood and a well painted garage!

After the in-laws go back to Paris, the hubby and I work hard for our own and we are happy taking back the freedom!! LOL

During the past weeks, I tried to make some pastries, like Paris Brest, La Galette des Rois and l’Opera since I have been thinking of them for a long time(I knew I had to try!).

There were some custom orders and finally the veggie mold has started since this week! Hope I will have enough items for SIMP.

I have to say thank-you to those who have written to me via emails or on the Fanpage of my Facebook. Thanks so much for your warm comments. I am pleased to know your thoughts toward my book. This encourages me. Please wait for me a moment and I will try to reply you one by one after the SIMP.

I appreciate all the friends and unknown friends from blogland who have purchased the books directly from me since 7th May. They are all sold. Though I don’t have any copies in stock now, I will try my best to reserve some for SIMP. Once anyone of you who will attend the SIMP and need a copy, please feel free to email me before 13th Jun

For International orders, I recommend Amazon.ca for the Canadian and the American customers; maybe Amazon FR, Amazon UK and Amazon DE for European customers.

Once it's not available or not easy to get a copy in your places (like in Asia and Australia for example), I will do my best to provide the service. The little giveaway event is late but will be announced next week. Thank you! :)


Linda Carswell said...

It is lovely to see your fabulous food and vegies.....SIMP is getting very close, I am excited!!!

Can you please sent me a quick email with the price of your amazing book please?


les mains calmes said...


Patrizia said...

I tuoi lavori sono sempre incredibilmenti perfetti e bellissimi!!!!
Buon SIMP...e tanti baci

Ilona said...

Stunning work, Peiwen! I wish I could go to SIMP Paris....but I have seen you in Arnhem and bought a gorgeous fish plate from you. I treasure that every time when I see it ;)
I wish you good luck and much pleasure on SIMP!
Greetings, Ilona

Lucy Coles said...

I Love your work. Your vegetables are perfect.

Fabiola said...

Perfect! I like everything.
Good luck for the SIMP.
Bye Faby

Lotte said...

Just amazing work! I adore your foods.

Unknown said...

Love your work.

julia said...

Adoro tus comidas, parecen tan reales.
Feliz fin de semana.
Mil besos...JUlia.

Basketcase Miniatures said...

You are unbelievable! Just wonderful work Peiwen! Mini hugs - Lidi

Muriellisa said...

Tes nouvelles réalisations sont magnifiques, j'adore les gâteaux ....
Bises. Muriel

sognatriceabordo said...

Wow... you're great!

miniacollection said...

Everything is so perfect and beautiful I can't wait to see them in real at the SIMP.

Maria said...

Hi Peiwen,
Your work is stunning as always.Good luck at SIMP, i wish i can go there some time too.

Melli Hobby said...

Your work is fantastic. It all lools so real.


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