My Treasures, My Presents

I have been thinking to make the post and share some very nice miniatures that I have received from the friends of blogland . The most important thing for me is the good will and kindness. :)
Goldfish in a Glass Bowl
Carol found it in Chicago and delivered directly from the show. She is a very nice friend and knows well I love very much Japanese artisans’ creations. :) I was so touched when receiving her parcel. I will find a good place and well set it up in the beautiful scene of my miniatures. :P
Glass Bottles
I was very lucky to win the bottles from Pepper,  Mitchy Moo Miniatures! I read very often the techniques and know-how she shares with us in her blog. I find the tips so helpful for my project. Thanks so much, Pepper!! :D

Wash-basin Table
This was a big surprise when I met Marie-Laure in SIMP in Jun! I saw it on her table when we started to settle the stands. It was so fine and delicate, I decided to buy it but Marie-Laure gave me as a gift. I was so spoiled!!! Merci, bisous!!!
Moses Basket
I am a loyal fan of Lidi! Every time when I received her parcels, I could not help but praise the craftsmanship!! When I saw the Moses basket on her blog after I came back from Paris, I fell in love with it. It's so gorgeous! At that moment I thought I had a bb girl and the color was so perfect!! I definitely treasure it. :) Love to you, Lidi!!

The cake stands shown on the last pictures are made by me, inspired by a lady whom I met in the workshop of SIMP. They are parts of the accessories of the project "Au Rêve Gourmand" too.
Have a great weekend! :-)


Ana Anselmo said...

Love all of them!!!!! they are all gorgeous pieces! Lucky girl!

Catherine said...

How nice to have so many beautiful gift from friends.

Carol Mittlesteadt-Kubrican said...

How fortunate for you to win such beautiful glassware! And isn't it from you favorite glassblower?? The table and basket are gorgeous! Nice work on the cake stands. And as always, your photography really showcases these treasures!

Lavecinita said...

OH¡¡ Me encanta TODO¡¡ un regalo precioso,un beso.Rosa.

Isabel said...

Felicidades por tu premio y por esos maravillosos regalos. Besos

Fabiola said...

Beautiful gifts from special friends; you're a lucky girl.
Kiss Faby

Mi mundo de miniatura said...

Me encantan todos tus trabajos, son maravillosos!!!

Rosamargarita said...

Que regalos tan hermosos!
Sin duda te los mereces
Tus soportes para pastel son muy lindos
Un abrazo
GRACIAS por no tener palabra de verificación

Rosa said...

Unos maravillosos regalos . Y las bandejas para pasteles muy lindas .

mcddiss said...

unos regalos preciosos , y los soportes para tartas una maravilla



miniacollection said...

They are wonderful gifts, real treasures!

Jackie said...

Your work is so awesome! Especially the cake stands (I love love love cake stands)! Been working to make a few of these myself. :D


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onbeingaminimum said...

I am not surprised you were the recipient of such a lovely collection of gifts. You are such a warm and generous person your friends will always want to share with you.
Love the cake stands!

nexian android said...

Me encantan todos tus trabajos, son maravillosos!!!

Unknown said...

sevgilerimi gonderiyorum..


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