Miniature Flatware and Kitchen Knife Set

It's 7 seven days remaining... I did not finish what I had to do but I will bring some surprises to DHN Show, Nerthlands. :)

Share with you first the flatware and kitchen knife set from Oiseau deNim Atelier!
Have a great weekend!!


Marisa said...

so cute

Huibrecht said...

They look great. I look forward to seeing them for real, tomorrow. Have a nice trip to the Netherlands.

Huibrecht said...
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Gema - Cyberarpía said...

Genial trabajo.
Un abrazo.

About Me said...
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Peiwen PETITGRAND said...

Thanks so much for your comments!

Hi Huibrecht,
It seems I have seen you in the show but I was not sure at that moment.
I told my friends whom I have known in Arnhem since 2011 that I did not keep well each person's image in my head. I am sorry I have poor memory recall. I'd like to meet you officially in 2020 if it's possible. :)


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