Miniature Cartel Clock

I am lacking in self-confidence when starting this post. How come? I am not that certain of the styles of antiques but the problem is I like them. Since it’s been 12 years that I live in France, wherever I go, I am able to see them easily. I have purchased several books to guide me but frankly speaking I am still confused with the styles due to the overlap of the ages.

When I visited several hôtels particuliers, Cartel clocks attracted my attention as much as porcelain. I don’t think I’d like them at age of 30, as they look luxury and so “chargée”. I have changed. ;)

For the top two bronze Cartel clocks, I think it could be the styles of Rococo and Louis XV. Does anyone can correct me if I said something wrong? And, what anout the third one?


Catherine said...

I think they are really beautiful. If I was making a French room I would love to have one. I think they are gorgeous!

Huibrecht said...

The Cartel cloks are indeed beautiful. Rococo and Louis XV have a lot of overlap. Often Louis XV is synonym for the French Rococo to set it apart from for example Italian and German Rococo styles.

I would name the first one, considering its light and airy decorations a louis XV/ Rococo clock.

The second one resembles in my opinion the French Regency style. It is heavier than the first one. But it lacks the symetry of the baroque style of Louis XIV. The Regency style sits in between the Baroque and Rococo.

The third one resembles most likely the Clascicism of Louis XVI. But I am not sure of that last one.

Isabel Ruiz said...

No sé el estilo pero son preciosos.


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