1:12 or 1:6 scale? My doll collections

From the very beginning I was crazy about collecting dolls between 2002-2004. I almost collected 20 momoko dolls, 60 Jenny dolls, around 25 Barbie and several Blyth and Pullip.

Since 95% of my dolls is 1/6 scale; 5% is 1/4 scale (Tyler & Sydney Dolls), I tried to look for everything, inclusive of clothes, suits, shoes, pets, sofa, desks, motorbikes, and boyfriends in 1/6 scale for my dolls.

So, it's quite natural for me to sculpt 1/6 scale mini food when I started.

When I make up my mind to do a usual practice of 1/12 scale miniature, I just understnd it's more difficult to do it than in 1/6. Sometimes I doubt if I could not control well my fingers and sculpt the right shapes and texture.

Maybe my question is stupid but I'd like to know if all the miniaturists practice and play with clay at home themselves to have very good kong-fu or... it's possible to find some masters who give lessons in miniatures?

Ok, I almost finish the 4th post in July. It's also a very good opportunity to practice my English. Thanks for the patience to read my post. Have a nice evening! ;-)


Unknown said...

you have BEAUTIFUL dolls and even MORE GORGEOUS miniature works!

i wonder the same myself about those artists, i know i try very very hard and practice alot and make ALOT of mistakes.....since my cousin purchased a magnifying glass for me, and now my bf bought me an illuminated magnifying glass/lamp as well, i will be trying to make even smaller items!

keep posting, i'm so glad you've decided to 'practice' your english even though i think it's very good already ^ ^ maybe you should help me practice my japanese! (i only know how to read the characters and speak a little 'anime-type' of japanese :( )

Stephanie Kilgast said...

aaaw your dolls are so cute *___*
I have two cute and expensive tiny bjds (puki lily and lati white sp belle) a blythe and a petite blythe.

I started with food in 1:12 and tehn discovered dolls, so I don't like working in 1:6 scale and I've got some difficulties with that scale, it's too big :D

I think you are already very good but there are some tutorials and a wondeful forum here: www/cdhm.org


About Me said...

Snowfern, I will try to find one magnifying glass as soon as possible!
I don't understand so much japanese but I will introduce you one specialist! :D

Stéphanie, I see your lovely dolls and the price is too high to "approach"!
I knew if I collected momoko, SD or BJDS at the same time, I could not balance my life. Once I start, I cannot stop….XD

Thanks again for the practical sharings!
I do appreciate!

Heather said...

I know this post is super old... but I too collect 1/6th scale dolls, and have the hardest time finding stuff for them... and have have NO idea how to make anything... did you ever find a good place for classes or instruction?

Obviously you're already awesome to start with... but any tips for a newbie?


Marisa said...

I know this is old but I too collected dolls, I lost all of them when we have a car accident moving cross country, I haven't replaced any of them and I know just have a one Barbie and Ken that are posable.


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