Tea Party

Do you want to join our Tea Party? It's my honor to invite you to be our guest!:-)

First, it' necessary to find an elegant teapot set. White color is my preference.

If there is one vase of Pancy flowers, the tone would look gentle and there must be slight fragrance in the air.

A cookie tray is also important in the party. We have various of cookies and biscuits!

I made one chocolate marble cake and one orange jelly cake for my guests.

Passion fruit jelly cake is eye-catching too. I'd recommend you to taste this exotic flavor!

Do you like these swets and hot tea I prepare for you?

Enjoy a glorious tea time in our garden!


Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

It looks so delicious...!!
Can I have some milk, please? LOL


Unknown said...

do i get an invitation or do i crash the party :P

beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! That passion fruit jelly cake is one of the most beautiful and unique miniatures I've ever seen.

Your cookies, sweets and tea are also extremely beautiful...fantastic work :)

About Me said...

Thank you, Paloma, Snowfern and Kim.
I appreciate your encouragement!

Hope someday I will have the honor to invite you for REAL Tea Party!

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

This is beautiful!! Love your tea display :)

About Me said...

Thank you, Pei-Li!
I am still new and exploring in the world of miniature. Your works impress me a lot. You have specific personal style!

Unknown said...



*runs away*

旅人 said...

oh my god, all ur handmade look so real! when i look on ur photo, i'm so hungry, feel like wanna eat all of them..
what materials ar u used to make it look so real?


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