Cheese, bread and wine

I am late for this post. :_)

Since I am curious about the property and effects of polymer clay, I decided to start from some simple items like sausages, cheeses and bread. Before this, I also tried to make some fruits and fruit canes but I did not do well.

As you can see on the picture, the tomates seem filled with ham.*This is an opinion from one friend. But it's alright, I will have a try again anyway. On the left, it's one of my tatting lace works.

Wine and bread always accompany cheese on the table even after the main course. However I put just two empty goblets to display.

There are various kinds of cheese and bread in the market. Here, I don’t make specific items but tried to present the texture and property of each.

Previously, my cheese and bread were like frozen food, looked too hard to swallow. Fortunately I have a better result at the end.

I don’t know many specific skills but learn by experiment. When I was alone at home for several days, it was the best moment to create my works. That means I did not need to cook, arrange the house, eat or sleep on time since my husband was not there. I could do nothing but focus only on the miniature :-)

Again, hope you like this post.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I love the grapes!

About Me said...

I love polymer clay.
It's magic!

Anonymous said...

I started to sculpt miniature foods May of 2008 too :)

Your miniatures are outstandingly beautiful!

kimsminiatures said...

Lovely work. So nice to see it. Mini hugs!

laimun said...

like ur miniatures so much, so cute and so real...like it! thanks for link me to ur blog.;)

Paris Miniatures said...

Good work for a start with polymer clay!
This is funny because after so many years , I am starting experimenting air drying clay!!!

About Me said...

Hello Kim,

We both start at the same time but we have such a big gap. I need to do more effort to catch your step. :)

Your are professional!

About Me said...

Hello laimun,

You have great potential and are also skillful.
I like your blog a lot!
Let's keep creating together.

About Me said...

Hello Emma (or Miniman),

Now it's more interesting for me to play polymer clay instead of air drying clay.
On the contrary, there are more different effects among air-drying clay.

In the past I used Japan clay but I could not find anything similar to it in France.
It’s quite inconvenient. Maybe next try (after polymer clay)will be cold porcelain.

I am curious about the clay you use because I am addict to your works. *_*
But sometimes I’d think it’s the problem of skills of sculpture. :)
No matter which clay you use, you can always make us surprised!

About Me said...

Dear Kim,

I am really happy today cause so many idols of mine left me messages here.
I have been admiring you secretly for a period of time.
Your mini hugs are the greatest ones for me.

Anonymous said...

Oiseau, I think I need to catch up with you :) Your miniatures are very, very high quality!

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

I am a beginner too, but my miniatures are so far yours!!
Your work with polymer clay is absolutely amazing. I think you have a great future in this mini-world. :))

Best regards,

About Me said...

Bonjour Paloma,

You are modest.
After visiting your blog, I just could say you are superior and profectional!
Your mini painting, mini cookies, mini eggs... everything looks so lovely, warm and elegant. You create your own style. It's cool.

Have a nice weekend with your family,

sutros said...

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