A Gastronomy Trip in Paris

Last night we were back home. It’s really an unforgettable memory in Paris.

First, we ware very lucky to see one rare falling start on 15th Aug evening. My husband and me were walking along a small road in the field after dinner. We met two neighbors of my parents in law and their dog. Of course we said hello to each other and chatted for a while. Suddenly my husband shouted and all of us raised the heads looking into the sky at the same time. It was a very exceptional falling start. Its head is green color and the tail is red. It’s huge as a fist and it stayed in the sky for almost 4 seconds. It was around 22h00 at that moment.

Second, we passed a great time in Ladurée Champs Elysées yesterday afternoon just before coming back to the South. Since we had a big lunch with my brother and sister in law in a Japanese restaurant near Pyramide and l’Opéra, we just ordered one dessert for each in Ladurée.

My husband ordered “Tarte Mirabelles”. It’s sweet pastry, with almond cream, and Mirabelle plums.

I chose “Millefeuille Framboise”. It is caramelized puff pastry, vanilla cream, fresh raspberries, Chantilly cream, sprinkled with icing sugar.

Beside we also shared a glass of “Thé Mélange Spécial Laudrée”. It is delicate blend of citrus fruits, rose, vanilla, and cinnamon ice tea. Very special aroma!

The patisserie is just on the 1st floor. People can buy and carry away the pastries.

We did not do that cause we have already bought a small bag of macaron in Pierre Hermé before arriving Ladurée. XD

We walked along la Seine toward the Eiffel Tower. We decided to finished these six round cakes near the river.

This was the first time I understood that macaron could be as clear as crystal when the sunshine illuminated on it. Sooo beautiful!

The vacation is over and everything is going back to normal now. I sincerely hope that I could make more beautiful pastry miniatures after this trip! :D...


Unknown said...

welcome back, Oiseau! *hugs* glad to read that you've had a great time! wow those are beautiful pics of pastries, now i'm waiting for your mini versions ;)

Eva said...

Welcome back!
Beautiful pics!! Paris is always wonderful

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

It makes my mouth water...!!
Mini hugs,

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Wonderful photos!! They are so beautiful, and hope you had a nice vacation.

About Me said...

Hello ladies,

Thanks for your messages!
As Eva said, Paris is always wonderful. For me it's like a paradise because there is a lot of good food, no matter the western or eastern style, it's always easy to find there.

But after having so much dessert & macarons on Wed, I do want to stop approaching sweets for a while, even the miniatures.

I am still thinking about the next project. Now what I want to do is rest~~~~~
But I will continue visiting your blogs and enjoy your new works!



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