Tutorial of Strawberry Canes is featured in the front page of Pixnet.net

I made this tutorial before house move and I don’t even have time to make an English version.
Original link is

Pixnet is one base of Taiwan blogs; I choose it instead of Yahoo just because I prefer its style.

I believe this tutorial is more interesting for Asians since polymer clay is not that popular there and caning is more chic in Asia. I will continue practicing since it’s fun to challenge myself.

Okay, need to jump back to our house now; a lot of works wait for me. :D
Happy May!


Ascension said...

Muchas gracias por el enlace
besitos ascension

LaBelleCuisine Miniaturas / ShabbyParis Dolls said...

Very good your tutorial! The photos are very explicit. Thanks!

Tiff said...

I saw your strawberry cane tutorial and I loved it. Thank you very much! I am actually Taiwanese too, but I moved to Australia when I was 4 so it doesn't really count I guess!

About Me said...

You all are welcomes, ladies! :D

Hi Tiff,
you always are no matter when you moved to Australia! :p

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

you won!

Tiff said...

Hehe thank you Oiseau :).

About Me said...

Hi, Sumaiya.

If I have never met you or known The Mini Food Blog one year ago, I’d not have so much motive power to improve myself. I believe this is the exact place where I start from. Thank you so much!

Love, Oiseau

Isâni Guimarães said...

Hi Oiseau,

I live in Brasil and you save my live, thank you so much for your strawberry cane tutorial!
The people don't like of to give your experiences for the another people. Congratulations for your posture. Excuse me for my english terrible;).




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