Giveaway Update: Participant List

A quick update of the participant list!

I am thrilled that so many of you are interested in my giveaway and participate the small event.
Please check the name list and please shout if you don't find your name on it! :o)

The final list will be confirmed on March 18th, 23H59 French time and the winners will appear on my blog, on March 19th, 14H00.

Have a nice day, 

PS. The participant NO.20, please email me your name or nickname before the deadline. oiseaudenim@gmail.com Thank you. ;D


Susi said...

Yo si me he visto, que me he animado, y luego he visto que somos 172 y me he desanimado, jejeje, cruzo los dedos fuerte, un beso

El mundo de PADI said...

Yo no aparezco!!! :( , puedes revisar.Gracias.

About Me said...

Si si!!! You are on the list, Patricia! No 166. Gracias :D

Kittenz said...

I'm listed twice, I hope that's not breaking any rules. I only commented the 2nd time to let you know about my blog. Thanks for joining!!

Linda Carswell said...

If it is not too late I would love to be included please!


About Me said...

Kittenz, I have deleted the NO. 171. Thank you for letting me know! :o)

Dear Linda, of course you are on the list now! Warmest,

Elderberry said...

Only 3 days and the giveaway will be finished, I'm so excited!


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