A direct delivery from Tom Bishop Show

A quick but very happy post!

It was so exciting to see a huge carton in the mail box this evening after we came back from the supermarket; especially it arrives just one day before my birthday. It’s definitely the best BD gift this year.

I understand the reasons Carol chose these items for me. I am so touched and appreciate her consideration! Thank you Carol!!!

I will read carefully the brochure tomorrow. I know there are many wonderful links of artisans' websites to share with! Good night! :D


Catherine said...
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onbeingaminimum said...

What a wonderful parcel! Everything is marvellous but my favourite piece is the scales. They are adorable. Friends are a real treasure.

Eva said...

ooooooooooooooooooh! I love every item! They are perfect. Love the plant!!

Linda Carswell said...

What fabulous fabulous pieces. I adore the plant, it is so beautiful and so real!!!

"Happy Birthday"

Andrea Thieck said...

I hope in your time zone it's the 22. by now, so that I can wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! These are wonderful gifts and you can be happy to have such a friend.
All the best

Kathy said...

All of your pieces are beautiful!! Happy Birthday!!

Patty said...

Peiwen, Oh MY!!!! You were sent some incredible pieces! I LOVE the Japanese goods that you received. I saw a photo of their space at the Chicago show and was so amazed. I would have spent a fortune there!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!! I got your email and let out a little squeal!! You have made me happy!!!


Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! and OMG WHAT WONDERFUL GIFTS :O how thoughtful of Carol! ^ ^ Lucky lucky you!

JDayMinis said...

Beautiful Miniatures! Happy Birthday!! Hugs, Jean

Betty said...

Happy birthday Peiwen! You are a lucky gal you sure are!

M.Narbon said...

What great miniatures!!
Congratulations on your birthday!!

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

All the items are wonderful, but the plant is awesome!!! I love it!!

Happy birthday, Peiwen. I hope you have a GREAT day!!!!


Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Peiwen!
You have received some beautiful gifts.
Love, Lara

Lara said...

Sorry Peiwen, I commented on my sons name Rindert.

Jackie said...

All absolute works of art and the plant is so real looking. Have a lovely birthday and enjoy these wonderful gifts, Jackie

Jollie said...

Hi Peiwen,

Happy Birthday!!! :)
What a gorgeous miniatures!
The plant looks so realistic and I love the kitchen stuff ;)

Have a great day today on your birthday!

Hugs Jollie

Arantxa Fariña said...


Happy Birthday!!

I like so much all itmes but the plant are so real!!!

Mini hugs


Marie said...

A wonderful parcel ! The plant is fabulous and the kitchen stuff are beautiful.

I wish you a happy birthday ! Have a great day :D

Mini hugs, Marie

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Preciosas piezas.

CRISTAL said...

Amiga, amei teu blog, adoro miniaturas, desculpe que entrei sem bater, é que a porta estava aberta, eu também deixei a porta aberta, para voce se energizar e se tornar um cristalzinho.

Bom final de semana

Bjs cristalinos

Minnie Kitchen said...

Lovely!!! I love getting stuff in the mail :) Hope you have a wonderful bday!!

Ana Anselmo said...

WOW! what a lovely gifts!!!! happy birthday and I am sure you are going to enjoy those fantastic miniatures...

About Me said...

Dear all,

I have received all your warmest wishes! Thank you thank you everybody!!! :D



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