Look! Some gorgeous pieces and AIM April Imag!

Yesterday evening I opened the mail box and found a surprise that made me smile. :-)
It was a little parcel from Singapore.

I have known Cindy (Snowfern Clover) since 2009, the beginning that I joined the blogland. For me, the miniature world was totally new and I was that lucky to know her since she recommended me a lot of useful info and guided me in the tiny world. I know it’s not true but I felt somehow as if she were my classmate in the school; we played and studied ‘technique’ of mini food together. It’s a special friendship for me in the world of miniatures.

What I got from her is a bowl of salads, a sandwich, some cigarette cases and several empty plastic boxes she made for me. I was speechless when looking at her works. The colors and shape are perfectly made. Cindy! You arouse my will to work on vegetable and fruits.

I have some dolls in 1:4 scale but they are still in my parents’ home so I asked my Momoko doll to work as a temporary. :P (Her little bunny in black is as adorable as her, right?! ) Thank you Cindy, I definitely treasure these amazing pieces of yours.

Welcome to visit Cindy’s blog; you will find lots of useful tips and treasure there!

Another very important thing is AIM April Imag is out now. You will see many beautiful brides and many useful projects in this issue! Download the file directly! Have a great weekend! Oiseau :o)


rosanna said...

Cindy is definitely a genius!!! her brain has a mini mode unknown to normal human beings. I love her works and I love her too, she is a sweetie. Although she may not be happy to be called so ;o) Minihugs Rosanna

Sans! said...

Teehee Rosanna :):) but lets all irritate her and call her a sweetheart :) and a darling :). AND she really is !

Peiwen, Cindy's work is every bit you said :).

Catherine said...

WOW! Cindy's work is just beautiful! I will have to go have a look at all her other pieces. Luck you to have such great pieces in your collection of hers. :-)

Jollie said...

I have visted Ciny's blog and became a follower, my gosh she has an amzing talent! Thanks for the link to her blog :)
The gifts she has given you are gorgeous!! I am sure you enjoy them very much, well thats what presents ar for right ;)

Hugs Jollie

Unknown said...

LOVE Cindy's work, too!! That sandwich is divine!!

About Me said...

Hello Rosanna , Sans,
If you continue joking at her like this way, Cindy will dig a hole and hide herself. LOL

Dear Catherine,
Cindy is a specialist of clay and different medium. She knows a lot of technique. This is why I like reading everything she writes.

I do love this gift, Jollie. Let’s “discover” more secrets from Cindy!! :o)

Hi Kiva, Cindy often says she is not sure if she is capable to make something else but in fact she makes many things that we don’t know how to do. I don’t worry since compared to other complicated techniques, fish is not a problem for her at all.

Cindy, don’t be shy!!!
Peiwen xxx

dalesdreams said...

Well, I don't care if Cindy wants to hide! lol She truly is a doll and her talents are amazing. :)

I feel priviledged to have gotten to meet her. :)

Her salads look fab! :)


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