Thank you to my mini gifts!

The postman brought me a little surprise yesterday morning.
It’s a little tray that Lara (Lara´s miniature world), the winner of my giveaway, who made for me. On the tray, a delicate rose with a tag “Merci” were saying hello to me. I was touched!

Lara also wrote me a note about making chairs with caning. This makes me excited and I am going to look for more mini caning tissue! :P

Thank you Lara! You are so thoughtful and kind to me. I will cherish and well settle them in my scene of miniatures! :D



Gema - Cyberarpía said...

Es un regalo muy lindo, enhorabuena.

Heleni said...

Wow,that's very nice. Lara can make great minis.


cockerina said...

Peiwen dear, you are so sweet and kind, you deserve all the love from all of us!
I am still waiting for your answer, remember?
Furthermore, I would like to see your scene in miniature, maybe I can get inspired to send you one .... surprise!
until then, all the best for you!

Plushpussycat said...

What a thoughtful gift, and a cute one at that! :-)

Kathy said...

Beautiful gift! Lara tray is really nice.

Eva said...

¡Que detalle más bonito ha tenid Lara!. Enhorabuena. Un saludo, Eva

Vanessa said...

That is so sweet! Can't wait to see your caning projects. That's on my "To Do List", too, but for 1/6 scale.

Susi said...

Es bonita, dulce, ..igual que tu, enhorabuena Peiwen y un beso.

PAKY said...

Is a beautiful and elegant gift, congratulations!

Katrina said...

I adore the tray and the rose! Happy you. Love Kati


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