Some updates and Autumn Miniatura

I feel shame that I don't work much recently though the beautiful season has been arriving silently! I don’t know what I was busy for; except some little plates, I made just some furniture kits in September.

The food safe and working table kits are from Jane HarropThe explication is clear and easy to follow. I love Jane's kits! I made these kits for training myself; hope I will have better skills in the future.

One thing made me pleased was I left for Birmingham last Friday and re-joined the hubby in Paris on Sunday. Since this was the first time I went abroad attending a miniature fair, everything was so wonderful for me.

I met some friends from SIMP, like Pascale Garnier, Lia and Alma of Vilia Miniature, and Cinen; I also tried to talk to some of my favorite artisans, like Ray Storey and Phil Grenyer of Glass Craft. Both of them are friendly sellers; they both will attend the Arnhem show in Oct.

I noticed a very talented artist, Danny Shotton, who made some stainless knives, and some amazing garden tools in 12th scale. I will definitely collect more of his items once I meet him again in some fairs in the UK next year.(Like Terry Curran, he does not have web or email, but he leaves his phone numbers on the stickers)

Except some flower kits, accessories and supplies, I also bought some lovely furniture and house kits in 24th and 48th scale. That will be my reference for the future projects! (smiling hopfully in the direction ha ha!)

I don’t show off all the treasures in the post but when I said goodbye to Birmingham, the wallet was empty. The rest with me was 2 pounds and 10 pence but I still hope I will have better budget for the next show in Arnhem.
By the way, I found a delicious Britain snack by accident during the days in Birmingham city center. I LOVE SCOTCH EGGS though the flavor and taste made me homesick. I brought 3 back to France on Sunday. C'est très bon!


Flora said...

You wrote a lovely post, with lots of interesting things, including the egg :-)
I embrace you with affection :-)
BTW Did you get my short email with attached images?

Peiwen said...

Yep Flora, I got it!! Take good care of you and I will write to you!!Have great evening!


malu2 said...

Felicidades por tus compras, me gustan muchisimo, ya se sabe, que ir a una Feria de Miniatures es una ruina, yo, lo compraría todo.
Besos de las Malu´s.

onbeingaminimum said...

Perhaps we can expect a scotch egg in miniature!!??

sounds like you had a great time and made some beautiful purchases. Love the Danny Shotton stuff, I too am busily collecting from each fair I attend!

Jackie said...

Oiseau,I am so glad you enjoyed Miniatura, I was there too and visiting family nearby. I am also very glad you liked Scotch Eggs :-)

Arantxa Fariña said...

felicidades por tus compras!!!

Me encnataria poder algun año ir a esa feria porque tienen que haber maravillas!!!
Y claro mi cartera tambien volveria vacia...jejejej

Unknown said...

hrmm i don't think i've ever tasted scotch eggs, but there's a version of it that my mom used to make, where the egg is wrapped with some prawn mixture and fried, maybe we are thinking about same thing (but different taste?)

evverything looks so great, i'm so jealous!! i wish i could have been there shopping too XD your little food safes look awesome! I wanted to make some (cos i read the book too) but again i lost concentration XD

La casa de Elisa said...

bonitas compras ¡¡ felicidades ¡¡

miniacollection said...

I love your scene.
You bought beautiful things at the show in Birmingham, thank you for the links.
I guess if I had been there my purse would have been empty too.

Trini (Vilma) said...

Debe ser una feria maravillosa,te felicito por poder asistir y por las maravillosas compras.

Patty said...

Peiwen, It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the fair! I love what you have purchased and the kits that you have put together are so great!!! I look forward to seeing them full of your food items!!!! How exciting for you to have gone to Miniaturalia! One of these days I will make it too!!!

minimariba said...

One day I'd like to visit the exhibition in Birmingham...

Unknown said...

Your furnitures turned out wonderful.
And you bought lovely minis.

mintwonderland said...

i love your scene, everything just came in right and beautiful!! i wish i can be to the fair as well!! nice pic and awesome work for other miniaturist

Isabel Ruiz said...

¡Qué compras mas bonitas!


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