About the first show of mine

It is not a wrong decision to do my first show in Arnhem! It was an attempt but thanks God, it worked!
I have been so spoiled by the table neighbors, the customers and many friends from blogland during the weekend. I was fed on Dutch cakes, Belgium chocolate, ice cream, sandwich and coffee etc; I got several gifts from friends too. Those who have been bringing customers to me, encouraged me and helped me in Arnhem do make me warm and touched. (Yes, I also brought several pieces of Luce, MyFrenchCuisine, to Arnhem)

As a newbie of miniature shows, I am learning by playing! I am lucky to have Bob, my future tutor, served as my part-time taxi driver, and Audrey, my top Dutch sales lady who came from Rotterdam helped me in the show.  I have been introduced to several well-known artisan and senior sellers, like Jens of Jens Torp Design Sliver Miniature, Jacqueline, Bert of aarts miniatures and Lida of The Mini Factory. I was surprised Phil of CraftGlass came to me and said hello when I was on the way setting up the table. When Angie Scarr passed and looked at my works, I could not help but tell her how much I admired her. She was a very important tutor on my mind. When she took my business card, she was curious about my name. Yes, “PETITGRAND” is a real name (from the hubby’s family) and it’s so perfect for the miniature world.

I appreciated Marguerite, the founder of Amis Jouet Ancien Patrimoine Miniature, Michelle and Chantal of Petits Bonheures came to me and brought me to know more French artisans in the show. They are all my stars!!!

During the show, I met 3 show organizers and I probably will consider attending some other shows in the future. I was happy and excited that many Italian friends came and invited me to go to Milan. I wish I could do everything but when I noticed quite many white hairs appeared recently, I knew I needed well organize the planning. I cannot do a show in a rush like this time. Too much pressure!

Several friends asked me if the result was good or not. Was 2000 euros very good and 1000 euros bad? I have no comments since I had zero show experience before. I love see cash coming to my pocket but the very important thing for me is I have packed a lot of friendship from Arnhem back home.  My heart was joyful. I waked up at 03h30 yesterday morning and took 4 trains back to Nimes. It was a long journey but I was smiling all the time.

I miss my husband too. He has been in China and Japan since three weeks. We both have been working so hard when we separated. I will be very happy to have him back home on Saturday. Now what I want to do is take a good rest and EAT EAT EAT. I probably will keep cool and silent for a month again since there is still a huge task waiting for me.

The last thing I want to mention is I was pleased Carol and Tomas (True2Scale) came to my hotel on Sat evening. We had dinner together and walked along the river to their boat. I would never forget about this nice friend, who has been so kind,  helping and encouraging me when I started the little business. I sincerely wish they both will also have great success in Madrid show in Nov. For sure, I hope they will consider coming and visiting me in France someday :-)


Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

Congratulations on the success of your first show! I am sure meeting all those people that were so helpful and welcoming made you feel lot easier. I am so glad you got to meet Carol too. :-)

dalesdreams said...

Sounds like it was a great success! :)

Fabiola said...

Congratulations! An important fair and a great success. I love your minis.
Bye Faby

Josje said...

It was lovely to meet you Peiwen (and Audrey)! Too bad you weren't at the dinner with Jens and Bob Friday night.
Your work is beautiful and I am glad the show was succesful for you. Maybe we'll meet again at the next fair!

Flora said...

What a great thrill and satisfaction, to exhibit your work at a fair so important.
I am certain that all those have meet you, was fascinated by your work and your sympathy and kindness :-)
Now that the first step was taken, all that remains is to think of the next show :-)
Mini hugs,

klara said...

It was loverly to see your work in Arnhem, I didn't introduce myself, because it was very busy at the time, but I talked with Angie Scarr (who I help at the fair if Frank is not there) I asked her if she knew where your stand was and she told me where to find it and she also said she admired your work!

miniacollection said...

J'espère que tu vas faire d'autres salons comme le SIMP.

Catherine said...

Je découvre votre blog et je suis enchantée de découvrir votre travail . Je suis une fan de la religieuse à la rose de chez laduree . Çe que vous faites est de toute beauté .je suis ravie de pouvoir vous suivre . Vos pivoines sont exceptionnelles .

Nina in Germany said...

Congratulations !!
And I really hope you will come to Germany next year,in the end of May!!??!!!
Please google it:
1 12 Die Messe

I cross my fingers

Stephanie Kilgast said...

sounds like a lot of fun :)
Maybe you'll come to the SIMP next time ^^


Arantxa Fariña said...

Congratulations Peiwen!!

I love your work and your shopping was great!!

Mini hugs


Alexandra said...

It was nice to see you and your miniatures, in real.
Nice that the show has been such a success for you.
Greetings Alexandra

kiffer said...


rosanna said...

Oh yes Peiwen, please!!!!, come to Milan in February. Please please please .... Rosanna

Unknown said...

FABULOUS!!! success isn't necessarily measured monetarily, as long as you feel satisfied and happy, i think that's success :D

(but i knew you'd be a hit anyway XD )

CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!!! wahhh so exciting hor!!!

Linda Carswell said...

Sounds like a wonderful week end! I ask the same question as a few others have.....what about SIMP next year? We have booked our tickets and will be in Paris at that time....I would adore to meet you!!

Linda x

About Me said...

Catherine, you are right! Welcoming made me feel easier and I was so happy to meet Carol. She is the exactly one I met from blogland!(a very gentle girl!!)

Faby, Dale, thanks so much!!

Josje, I did not sense you were my idol I was chatting with, when Bob brought me to the workshop. When you came and Audrey gave me some discrete hints, then I understood it was you!!! LOL
I expect to meet you again in the next fair. You are a very open and broad-minded lady! :)
Flora, I don’t make any decision yet but you are right! The first step has been taken! :P

Klara, I knew it was you. You came with another lady, right? What a great complement that I have from you and Angie! Thanks!!!

Geneviève, merci beaucoup de m’encourager. Je ne sais pas encore pour l’instant. On le discutera !! Bisous !

Bonjour Catherine, c’est impressionnant d’avoir votre message. Je viens de visiter votre blog et bien comprends que vous êtes Catherine que Marie-Laure mentionne souvent. Vous toute les deux êtes très douées ! . Merci beaucoup de m’écrire des mots très sympas. A bientôt !! :)

Nina, you read my thoughts!!! LOL We will see!!!
Thanks for the key words too!!

Stephanie, I am not sure yet. I will have to manage a good planning before I make the decision. Let’s see!

(((((((((((((Arantxa)))))))))))) I am coming!! Will write to you today!

Alexandra, I have been so pleased to meet you too!! Your words encouraged me so much. Thanks for stopping by and maybe we will see each other next year! :P
Kiffer, 謝謝啦!

Rosanna, thanks for the invitation too!!! It has been my dream to go to Milan but it approaches!!

Cindy, you are right but I think I was too high in the show. Ha ha ha!!!

My dear Linda, I am pleased you have reserved the flight tickets to come to France!!! No matter I exhibit or not in the SIMP next year, I definitely go to meet you in Paris. :)

Patty said...

Peiwen, It is so exciting to read about your wonderful experience with your first fair! I have just read Carol's post about it too. I haven't done a miniature show yet, so all of this information has been fun to read about! I am so happy for you and that it was great for you. Your work is so exquisite and I am sure everyone that had a chance to see it was thrilled! I love what you have bought for yourself.

Catherine / Mooghiscath said...

En espérant , voir vos créations au SIMP , vu que je les ai raté à Arhnem , bonne continuation.

jeffry said...

Hi Peiwen,
It was nice to have met you at Arnhem. Glad you liked it so we will be seeing you more at Arnhem?

onbeingaminimum said...

You deserve every succes. Your work is fabulous and I am so pleased with the pieces I have in my own collection.

About Me said...

Hello Patty,

I had never imagined that I would attend a fair before. It was an accident this time but I was so pleased it has happened! You should try if you are interested in the fairs. I also think you have great and many opportunities in the US. Your mini babies are that adorable. People cannot resist them.

Bonjour Catherine,

Merci beaucoup pour les gentilles mots. Même si je n’exposerai pas au SIMP, je serai près de Marguerite. Je voudrais vous refaire connaissance !! A bientôt !! :)

You are coming! I was so glad to know you in the show too.
I did enjoy the show and definitely go back to Arnhem next year.
Do you attend some other shows in the Netherlands too?
I saw your works just now. Oh la la!!! They are wonderful!! You should tell me when we met!!
Let’s stay in touch and see you next time!

Dear Janice, you are always so kind with me. I won’t attend KDF this year but I expect to meet you in person once I go to the UK next year (no matter as a visitor or an exhibitor!!) Thank you thank you!!! :)

Mariella said...

Peiwen, it was so funny to meet you!! Now I am the proud owner of one of your artichokes ... ha ha my little dolls will have artichokes for dinner since now ... and Bonne Maman Confiture for breakfast, of course!
Hope to see you in Milan,

About Me said...

You are a very humorous and talented girl, Mariella.
You made me smile (actually laugh) all the time in Arnhem.
I am so lucky to know you and I would love to meet you again. We will have further contact. :)

Take a good rest and the Madrid show is waiting for you. Bon courage!


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