Lovely pieces from Paris

I was supposed to stick onto my work bench but… after receiving a phone call from the hubby, I have no mood on my projects now. Tomorrow I will go to Genova, Florence and Roma with him for 4 days. I have never been to Italy before and would like to ask you my dear friends the "Must visit", “Must buy” and “Must eat” in Italy. I will search some traveling info from Google later this evening too. (It would be great if it's easy to find some shops of dollhouse miniatures there? :D)

Since I have no mood in the work now, I upload some pictures of the lovely pieces I got in Paris yesterday.
There were two fairs in Paris: “Paris Création” and “Salon Création Savoir Faire”.

This was the first time I attended both fairs. "Paris Création" is a combined fair with half of dolls and half of dollhouse miniatures.

I was impressed because I have never seen so many lovely and creative dolls in France before but my favorite for now is still dollhouse miniatures. By the way, I had a very important meeting with Catherine and Marie-Laure. :)

The appointment was set at 13h00, in front of Pascale Garnier’s stand. It was a great pleasure to meet and see them both in person. They both were so affable and friendly. We five people had very good time chatting together. Luce (MyFrenchCuisine) took a picture of us. Hey hey! I also go to a treasure piece from Catherine--- an oil painting of lilac. Now I worry if I can find a nice roombox for it. Yes, I am confident I will find it out next year!!(Next Year)

I also found some supply in Salon Création Savoir Faire. Hope that will be helpful for my future projects.
Well, I am going to prepare the luggage and check the travel information. Hope we will have good weather, good mood and good FOOD in Italy this week. :-)


rosanna said...

GENOVA ??? are you coming to Genoa? I don't know if you have time but I'd be more than happy to offer a cup of coffee to you and hubby.
Write if you can managed a few spare moments.Happy trip, Rosanna

About Me said...

Yes Rosanna, Genova!
I will know more details after the hubby comes back home. Will write to you later this evening!! :P

dalesdreams said...

Enjoy your trip, what a nice surprise. :)

Lovely items you have there, I love the painting.

Inês Paiva Raposo said...

Beautiful things!

Linda Carswell said...

I am VERY envious to read that you are going to Genova.....I am now MORE envious to read that you might be meeting Rosanna.....!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful visit to Italy, I have only seen a small part of Italy but I loved it so much, I am sure you will also.

I loved seeing the beautiful miniature items you just bought.....the little lilac painting is a real treasure!!!

Enjoy you time away.

minimariba said...

Rome?? Then come close to my house! I advise you to eat the Trastevere district, there are many restaurants and small typical restaurants! I saw your table at Arnhem was very nice and I bought a pan for pies I was with Lia(Vilia miniature)!!
A kiss and a good trip to Italy!

Unknown said...

You have bought beautiful miniatures!
What a nice surprise - 4 days in Italy! Have a wonderful trip.

onbeingaminimum said...

You will have a wonderful time and be totally inspired by all the wonderful food!
I think you should pack one of your own flying pasta dishes!!

Peiwen said...

Ha ha ha Linda, the appointment is almost fixed now.
Next time you will see Rosanna and everybody in Paris!

Dale ^_^y

Mariarita, you were supposed to tell me it was you when you came with Lia!!! Anyway, I believe we will meet again soon. Will you come to the Roma center on Friday? LOL (waving my both hands…)

Thank you Mona and Ines!!! :)

Janice, I have packed one!! LOL Will see if I am able to take good photos in Italy.

marcella aka milo said...

so, are you coming to Turin as well? To meet up with all your Italian friends I guess you should stay here for a month at least... :))) Have a nice trip!

Carol Kubrican said...

I hope you are having fun in Italy. My advice is to eat, eat, eat everywhere! :)

Annalisa Minilisa said...

Hello, I'm Annalisa we saw in Paris Creations Elena Mondodifavola the table, I wanted to tell you that for me was a real honor to meet you: o)
Congratulations on all your works are beautiful!

Hello Annalisa

About Me said...

Marcella, I know I will, especially after this trip and in fact Turin is not far from France. :)

Carol, I did have a lot of good food! I bought two food guidebooks and four cookbooks, one is written in French. I will try some recipes first! :D

Hello Annalisa, it was a great pleasure for me to know you in Paris! Stay in touch!! :P


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