Eating is believing -4 days in Italy

It was a tight but very pleasant trip in Italy. Since the hubby had three meetings in three different cities, I went visiting when he worked in customers’ places. After the job was finished, he called and gave me the instruction, trying to meet in a place and continued the next trip. Within 4.5 days, we drove almost 2000 km, between Nimes and Roma area.

Genova was the first city I visited in Italy. Before the depature, Maria has mailed me a list of Italian food and suggested me to try. I appreciated too Rosanna spent some time with me at midday. She knew I was eager to taste some local food and she was thoughtful bringing me to an Italian friggitoria.
Sa Pésta
Via dei Gius­tini­ani, 16r
16123 Genoa
+39 010 2468336
Thanks to Rosanna, I knew a lot of traditional food in one time. I have known ‘pesto’ before but this was the first time I tasted the homemade sauce with ‘gnocchi’! It was absolutely fresh and authentic (also very rich)!!

The different salty pan cakes and rice cakes were too very delicious (very special)! I would never know the unforgettable flavors if I haven’t try it!!! Très très bon!!!

I stayed longer in Florence than in Genova and Roma; I had enough time visiting, taking pictures and shopping. It was pity I did not find a good restaurant which offered local dish but I tried vegetable soup and pasta with very spicy red sauce for lunch. I was very happy too!! :)

*Specialty of Florence: Pan Pescatore
I bought a pan pescatore after taking a picture in the shop because I was curious how come the little thing (not look romantic at all) could be the specialty of Florence. I don't look for the receipt yet but it was mixed with very strong flavors of butter and fruits; I swear I will buy more once I go to Florence next time. 5 stars!!!

Around 20h30, we arrived in the hotel in Aprilia, a little city not far from Roma. The customers invited us to another town ‘Ariccia’ for dinner.

It was a little rustic restaurant but with very good business; we saw many local people there; I tried almost everything in the restaurant, I loved so much the sausages which kept the original flavors and taste. It was an unforgettable table experience too!

*The specialty of Ariccia: La Porchetta (salted roast pork, a cold dish)--> soooooooo tasty!!!!

What I want to specially point out is the pasta.  It looked so normal without anything special inside but after I tasted, I knew the secret (very fat smoked bacon) of the homemade pasta that no one could resist!

When I wondered if I stayed in Aprilia instead of going to Roma by train on Friday, the hubby tried to convince and told me “Roma was the central part of Europe. You should go and see the city of Cesar!” 

I was totally conquered when seeing the grand monuments in front of me.

It was a beautiful memory thought I had only three hours walking in Roma.
But I know I will be back again someday not only for the sightseeing but also for the inspirational Italian food! :)


Tricotine said...

Miam !

rosanna said...

You had the best! the best cities ;o), the best weather, the best food. Hubby was right: you couldn't possibly miss Roma. It is truly splendid, the monuments are amazing, think what it must have been in its glorious past.
You have to come back, stay a litle longer and experiment new flavours. I told you that Italian cooking is better then French one :o))))
French friends will forgive my being partial :oP
Have a lovely Sunday, hugs, Rosanna

Mari@ said...

Wow Peiwen.. What a beautiful photos. I'll wait your next trip in Rome!! I'm so sorry for not having met you but as I wrote you these three hours are just a taste. Next time you need to stay in Rome more days... eating good food and enjoying beautiful places ;o))

minimariba said...

Peiwen what beautiful photos! I'm glad you made it available in a short time to see many beautiful things and enjoy good Italian food! But you need a week to see Rome! Thank you for visiting my country!

The Old Maid said...

Itlay is beautiful! Thank you for sharing pretty photos! :)

Pepi said...

Unas fotografias espectaculares, gracias por comparlas, besos pepi.

Maria Ireland said...

Your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing. The food looks yummy.
Hugs Maria

malu2 said...

Espectacular!!!! tu viaje,pero......
has venido a España? has probado la comida española? es sensacional!!!!
Besos desde Barcelona de las Malu´s.

Linda Carswell said...

Fabulous photos....looks like an amazing few days away....wow!!!!!

Lataina said...

What great pictures! You had so much delicious food! =)

cockerina said...

Peiwen dear, speaking Italian, I can assure you that you have seen the best part of Italy! both as a beautiful city of art, and as a food ... but you have not seen everything yet! in Italy there are many, too many things to see, just three days are not enough!
I recommend you go back to Italy with your husband more often..
Finally, Rosanna is right, you eat MUCH better in Italy than in France! ha ha!
kisses, Caterina

About Me said...

Hello my dear ladies, thanks for your nice comments! I think my skill of photoshotting is better than my language. :) I am happy you enjoy too! :D

It was a very nice trip and I had a lot fun in Italy. I don’t understand Italian at all but Italian people understood me when I spoke in French. The scenery, the people and the food were so wonderful for us! The only one thing confused me was I could not find out where to buy the metro/bus tickets. When I got on the bus, the driver told me he did not accept any cash. Since I did not know the stop I needed to get off in Florence, I approached him all the time. He was still very friendly to me and did not ask me to pay at all. This happened once in the metro station of Genova and twice in Florence. I always passed in front of the guards but no people stopped me. I was sorry about this.

Italian food is attractive to me. I bought two food guidebooks and 4 cookbooks this time. I might learn some simple vocabularies and make some simple food at home. I would love to try more dishes step by step from 22 or 23 regions of Italy!

Hello Malu, I have been to Barcelona two years ago. Since I went with two American friends and the hubby, we did not find out the top Spanish dish during the trip! I know we will have to go to Spain again someday!!! :)

Unknown said...

Wow, wonderful photos and I can see you had a great time. I have been to Florence once - many years ago - a fantastic city.

Unknown said...

ohh it must be so nice to simply 'pop over' to Italy, I am so envious of you!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful journey :)

Carol Kubrican said...

Thank you for sharing your Italian experience. I think you had a nice time and ate very well! How fortunate that Rosanna gave you good recommendations! Great food, great friends.... next year we go to Italy... yes?? ;)

Peiwen said...

Mona, I totally agree with you that Florence is a very charming city.

Cindy, it was tight schedule; it was still fun though it was impossible to spend as much time as I wanted. (I hope I won’t have to wait too long for Singapore trip!!!)

Carol, come come come!!! Come to Europe!!! We will have good planning I believe!! (Imagine good scenery, good food and good wine…LOL) Rosanna was so hospitable and explained me parts of the history of Genova. She showed me around the buildings in the city. I leant a lot from her!!! :o)

El mundo de PADI said...

Que bellas fotos!! y que experiencia más maravillosa, gracias por compartir tu viaje.Besos


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