Have you all had a great time on St. Valentine’s Day?

I know I was late! Though the special day has been passing, I still wish you all had very good time, had great chocolate and have received wonderful gifts from your beloveds.

Yes, I am back to France, another home of mine! It was terribly cold when I arrived in CDG airport. During the first week, I made the cocooning and watched Japanese TV series at home. :D

Before going back to Taipei for the Chinese New Year, I spent two days in Hong Kong and met several miniaturists I admired.

It was great fun to meet Lulu (Lulu’s Miniatures) who was back from Australia for the vacation with her family; we went shopping and tried different HK dim sums together. She made a very cute mushroom gift box for me as the CNY present. :o) After separating with her, I took the metro and met another friend Una.

Thanks to Una, I had the opportunity to meet Maggie Chan (WK Maggie's Miniatures), a very famous tutor and miniaturist in Hong Kong. It was stunning to see so many beautiful works in her atelier. Maggie was a very friendly and nice lady; she showed me several precious pieces of her friends and also gave me many gifts. (I was spoiled again) I was very lucky to see the works of Tony Lai (tototon model world) glancing in the spotlight. That evening, Una’s husband invited us for dinner; we had a lot of seafood at Lei Yue Mun! :)

I was also very happy to meet Amy (Amy’s Miniatures) and Cheily (Petit
deCherries) the next morning.  We went yum cha before I left for the airport. It was a short but very interesting visit!!

I was busy for the workshops which were held in Taipei between 12th and 15th Jan. I was pleased to meet so many girls and ladies during the four days.  The eldest lady who joined the workshop was a professor of one famous university and the youngest girl was a primary school student. As an instructor, I taught how to make the miniatures in the classroom but I have leant how to be a good teacher in return.  I did appreciate this valuable experience. I also have to say thank-you to all my friends and students!
Just several days before coming back to France, I was honored to have the contact from Miniatures Museum of Taiwan. I expect for the next! :)


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

~*Happy Valentine's Day to you too!*~
The cakes are lovely as is the whole presentation!
I am enjoying the photos and about to click through the links to see the other artists.
Happy belated New Year!

Unknown said...

ohh wonderful update! beautiful work, and you sound like you had a great time :D wahhhh i also want to play clay with you T-T

About Me said...

Thank you Amber!
I enjoyed the trip in Hong Kong and Taipei, especially meeting different friends and miniaturists was a great fun!:D

Cindy, it's also my wish to play clay with you!
The day before yesterday I still asked the hubby if he had to go to Singapore in the coming months. I expect to have the dream come true!

I have received your lovely comments. Thank you and they do make me warm!:)

Catherine said...

Je suis très heureuse de te savoir de nouveau parmis nous . Tes photos sont merveilleuses .
On voudrait pouvoir goûter tes gâteaux ,ils ont vraiment l air succulents . On mettrait bien son doigt dans la crème .
Bravo .

Fabiola said...

Wow! Your cakes are fantastic! I like your works.
Bye Faby

La casa de Elisa said...

que maravilloso trabajo ¡¡ te felicito ¡¡

Merline said...

Je vois que tu as été très occupée et que tu as fait de très belles rencontres. Tes miniatures sont toujours aussi fabuleuses.

Yours Truly said...

Wow, everything looks amazing! Well done!

cabezuela said...

no conocia tu blog y me ha impresionado tu trabajo
un beso

Jackie said...

So charming and grand! Sweet! You did a wonderfully elegant job with this.


ISABELLE said...

Je viens de faire une jolie promenade sur votre site! votre travail est remarquable.


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