Meats, Ballotin Boxes and Workshops in Paris

 I continue doing some experiments of color mix for meats lately. I also madesome chocolate boxes.

If you have been reading my blog since 2010, you must notice the Italian meats are very similar to those I had made before our house was burgaled. Unfortunately this happened again when we had vacation in Massif Central. We sense we have to secure more of our home. Some construction starts today and will finish in Jun.

Some news of the SIMP workshops
I will give 2 little projects on 23rd Jun:
 (1) Breads & grapes (morning)

(2) Charlotte aux fruits de la-passion (afternoon)

I hope these two projects are interesting!  In the courses, I will explain the techniques in English and French. That will be a great challenge to me too!! LOL

More info:


Lara said...

Hi Peiwen, so sorry to hear that your house has been robbed again. Are you missing a lot?
I wish I could join your workshop, I would love to make the Charlotte aux fruits de passion. It looks delicious!
I wish you all the best. Love, Lara

Linda Carswell said...

Sorry to hear that your house was burgled (again!!!!).....what a nasty feeling to know that others have been in your house!!!!

I love the meats and bread.....I am so excited to see what you will have for sale at SIMP!!!

Linda x

Fabiola said...

All is perfect. The italian meats looks real. I like the grapes.
Your workshop will be successful.
Bye Faby

julia said...

Madre mía pero que ganas de comer me entran cuando entro en tu blog jajaj.
Esas cajitas de bombones preciosas y las alcachofas me han dejado muerta.
Felicidades por esas manos.
Mil besos...Julia.

Maria said...

Sorry to hear your house was robbed, i hope you not missing to much.
I love your work, everything looks so relistic. The boxes are very chique and the food....wow!!!

rosanna said...

Burglars again ???no no,it's horrible, you truly have to do something.
Your goodies are lovely instead and I'll have the pleasure of admiring them at Simp in June: I am coming :o))
Hugs, Rosanna

About Me said...


We did not lost a lot and the thief did not destroy anything except the doors. I was little down due to the accident! Now there two misters working in the yard and I hope it will get better after the construction and equipment are improved. :D

Thank you Linda, Faby!! :) The colors mix of meats is unfathomable.

Julia, your message makes me smile. Thank you so much!

Catherine said...

I am also very sorry to hear this has happened to you again. I know what a horrible feeling it is.

Your work is so beautiful!. I thought that the first time I saw it but you just keep out doing yourself and surprising me. I wish I could go to your class. :-) XXX

About Me said...

We are doing some protection now. Except alarms and video camera etc., is there something more we can do for burglar deterrence?
Expect to see your new works too!!

A little kiss for you Maria! :)

Begoña said...

lamento mucho lo del robo, tiene que producir mucha inseguridad, es normal que quieras asegurar más tu casa, en cuanto a tus trabajos:¡¡qué perfección!!, es que todo parece real, las uvas son perfectas, el embutido,las cajas de bombones, un trabajo fantástico.Besos

stil-blicke.blogspaot.com said...

Die Wurstwaren sehen fantastisch aus... und auch die anderen Mins sind toll.

Liebe Grüße sendet

PuNo / Monika

minimariba said...

Hi Peiwen! I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations to SIMP! Congratulations for your workshop!

Maria Ireland said...

Sorry to hear about your robbery. Wow your meats are amazing. I love your work its fantastic. It always looks so real.
Hugs Maria

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear about the robbery. :(

Your meats and veggies, and the boxes look so real! Every piece is so perfect. Your workshop is going to be fantastic! Wish I could be there.


ISABELLE said...

Les légumes sont une merveilles et la charcuterie fait envie! un vrai régal pour les yeux!!!!

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

What a pity, Peiwen, another robbery... Sadly there are so many "light-fingered" everywhere, so it is necessary we insure our homes as much as possible to prevent their "works".

The two worshops you will give in Paris look very very interesant!!! I wish I were there to assist.


About Me said...

Thanks for your kind words my dear friends!!
We will avoid being the regulars of the police office. LOL

Merci Isabelle!!

Have a great weekend,


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