The Workshop in Paris in October 2014

It’s been a long time, an absence of 22 months.
Druing the difficult moment, I just could read from time to time some blogs when I was able to. I envy you who continue playing and singing in the miniature world. I don’t dare say that I am coming back to it now but I do miss it profoundly.

Après une abscence prolongée de 22 mois pour cause de bébé pendant laquelle je n’ai pas pu écrire, tout juste pu lire les blogs de temps à autre,  je reviens aux miniatures qui m’ont manqué.

A little news to let you that I am delightfully invited by AJAPM--- I will give a workshop in Rambouillet, 15 minutes by train from Paris, on 4th Oct. We are going to make a French wedding tower “la pièce montée en choux”; the piece is 25mm in diameter and 55mm high. If any of you are interested in the project, please contact AJAPM via contact@ajapm.fr.

Je suis invitée par l’AJAPM pour donner un stage à Rambouillet (15 mins de Paris) le 4 octobre. Nous réaliserons une pièce montée, un gâteau de 25mm de diamètre et 55mm de hauteur. Si vous êtes intéressée par le stage les informations sont diffusées par l’AJAPM , contact@ajapm.fr

For the moment I try to strive for more time in making miniatures. The project of “Au Rêve Gourmand” is still ongoing but it is totally modified. I don’t make any new listing on my Etsy shop but I accept custom requests. If you would like to make some new projects or some older items I have ever made, welcome to contact me oiseaudenim@gmail.com. Welcome take a look at my Flicker album or Pinterest too.

Je fais le maximum pour pouvoir continuer mes projets comme la pâtisserie « Au Rêve Gourmand » mais entre temps j’ai beaucoup modifiée le projet. Je n’ai pas remise de miniatures sur Etsy mais je recommence à correspondre avec mes clients pour les commandes spéciales.

Bonne journée,


Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

I have missed you and your work, so much. To now see that it was for your own baby miniature, I am both charmed and relieved to see that you have been well and doing great things! <3 So happy to hear from you again, after such a long time away!

Ilona said...

Bonjour :D! Welcome back into miniature land! We have missed you...
I love the last picture of your son, he is so adorable!
Bon weekend! Amicalement, Ilona

Muriellisa said...

Ton petit Léo est adorable. A bientôt au mois d'Octobre. Bises.

Patrizia said...

Adesso scopriamo il motivo della assenza dal blog!!....auguri ...il tuo bimbo e' bellissimo!!
Un bacio

ilovelittlethings said...

I know exactly how you feel! I deal with my 3 year old all the time and with all my heart too!

Catherine said...

Oooh he is so cute! I can see he has kept you very busy.

I have missed you!!! It is so nice to see a post from you today.

Linda Carswell said...

I am so thrilled to see that you have returned....I have missed you!!! Your son looks adorable, a real cutie.

mcddiss said...

un trabajo precioso, y tu hijo es guapisimo , disfrutalo



Patty said...

Peiwen, so wonderful to have news from you. I have thought of you often and wondered how you were doing with the new baby. He is so adorable. Fantastic that you will be doing a workshop. It looks like your little one will be big enough soon so you can devote a small amount of time creating soon. I have been in the same situation taking care of my Mother and have had no time for miniatures. I am hoping to have things set up soon so I can start creating again. It is amazing how much we can miss them when the time isn't there! Big hugs sent your way!

Alison Shibata said...

Miss you! Handsome L, what fun at this age. Looks like he will be tall like his dad.

Congratulations on your invitation, wish I could be there - have fun! I will make it to France again, hopefully sooner than later :^)

Un Taller de Miniaturas said...

I have missed you during all this time, Peiwen, and it is great to hear from you again :)
Your little son is so cute. No doubt, he is your best miniature!!

Mini hugs,

miniacollection said...

Bien sur vos posts me manquent mais je sais que votre temps est consacré à votre merveilleux petit garçon, comme il est déjà grand. Dans la vie il y a des priorités et quelle plus belle priorité que de s'occuper de son enfant.

Merline said...

Très contente de ton retour. Félicitations pour ton garçon.
Ravie de pouvoir à nouveau admirer tes réalisations.

miniaturista said...

Precioso niño, es la mejor miniatura.
Feliz Navidad
Un abrazo

Basketcase Miniatures said...

What a gorgeous boy! He will be keeping you very busy I'm sure. Hope you are keeping well. Hugs - Lidi


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