Workshops in DHN Show in September 2019

We are back to France! I hope many of you have passed a great vacation. :) I rest but I start to plan for my first show in Arnhem.

After the discussion with the direction of DHN Show, I will conduct three workshops on 28th and 29 September. The schedule is as below:


28th september 11.00-13.00
29th september 10.00-12.00

28th september 15.00-17.00
29th september 14.00-16.00

Lily of the Valley
29th september 10.00-12.00

The 2-hour-workshop permits our students to view the basic techniques of flower making; they are able to operate independently and make more mini clay flowers at home after the workshop.

The clay flower workshop is given in English or French;  our members are going to learn about

1) coloring the cold porcelain

2) making the stems and buds

3) shaping/ dusting the petals and leaves

4) assembly

Depending on the capacity of students, everyone will complete assembly at least a branch of flower during the crafted section.

Price: 50 euros per section, specific flower petal cutter and material (clay, paints/ planter; and a glass for Lily of the Valley class section ) are inculded.

Maximum 4 places in the wokshop.

After receiving the confirmation, I will send the tool list to our students.

For these who are interested in the workshop,please contact me via

Come and learn some simple but important technique of clay flowers with me! :)


elizabeth s said...

So much Beauty in Miniature!!!

Isabel Ruiz said...


Huibrecht said...

The flowers look gorgeous! I hope that lots of people come to your tutorials in Arnhem. Unfortunately I cannot combine these workshops with the workshop that I have already subscribed to.

But I do so look forward to see your stuff in the Arnhem show. Just one more month to wait. :-)



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