Workshop: peony bouquets are made

I have returned to my hometown Taipei with my kids since the beginning of July.

It's been 13 years I don't pass the summer time here. I enjoy the weather, the food and I am so pleased to see that my kids are exploring the life style and cultures between Western and Eastern sides. They will learn more about my land, my culture and my language.

In the meantime, I am happy to meet my friends and craft students in Taipei. The first workshop is held in Eslite Bookstore in New Taipei City on 13th July. We have passed a great moment making peony bouquets together.

In the workshop, I see their talent, patience, enthusiasm, taste and insistence toward clay and miniature art. Voila! How beautiful peony bouquets are made!

I am in the vacations and I enjoy my work! :)


carmen said...

buen trabajo!!

Isabel Ruiz said...

¡Realmente preciosos!

Catherine said...

toujours aussi jolie !

Huibrecht said...

Indeed it is best to know all of both worlds. East and west. And the peonies are so lovely to see. very subtle colours!



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