Cupcakes for your sweetheart & gentleman! [My Etsy online shop]

Still 4 days, St Valentine is coming. I am not good at words.
I seldom say some sweet words to my ex-bfs even my husband.
For me, happiness is just from the pure hearts that we have ever exchanged and many tiny things we have ever experienced together.
But I admit that sometimes the honeyed phrases are quite necessary and useful even at that moment we felt like vomiting but we laughed at the same time in the end.

I am touched and fascinated when reading some brief paragraphs or simple sentences. Here is one for St. Valentine's Day:

"Mon Coeur a rencontré le tien…Il est à toi… garde le bien!"

"My heart have encountered yours…It’s yours… take good care of it!"
--> I promise I will repeat this in Chinese in front of my husband on 14th Feb, no laughing.

Another thing is I consider what to do first for my own business on Etsy.
I believe it would be great for me since it’s part of my passion.
This will be also the first time that I start managing my own online shop.
So many details need to handle.
I just realize how much efforts the sellers need to prepare…
not only the creation parts but administrative procedure & responsibility need to take.

Okay, so eventually my Etsy shop is here:
My Flickr album is
Hope I will start smoothly…. *Praying!

Cupcake chocolate (7mm*7mm*10mm)
Cupcake stand box (11mm*13mm*8mm)

Cupcake rose (7mm*7mm*10mm)
Cupcake box (11mm*11mm*11mm)


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

so pretty!

Les Vents Du Monde said...

I love your mini cakes and wish you good luck for your etsy shop.

Miniature Patisserie Chef said...


About Me said...

Thank you, Symaiya.
I am happy you like it.

Bonjour Soazig,

Merci pour vos soutiens.
Il faut que je sois plus forte pour ce petit business.
Vous etes un peu loin de chez nous je pense;
si non, je voudrais visiter votre atelier.

Coucou Pei-Li,

萬事起頭難。You understand the difficulties from the very beginning.
I hope I could work out little by little. Thanks for the encouragement! (-;


Unknown said...

Gratz on the grand opening!!! may you have plenty of sales and HAPPY NEW YEAR OISEAU!

Sandra said...

These are just sooooo sweet and pretty they make my mouth water! Sandie


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