Afternoon Tea & Birthday Cakes

Yesterday afternoon I went for shopping in the supermarket and bought some chocolate bread and waffles for the teatime in my neighbor’s home. She is my company during my husband is absent. She is broad-minded and optimistic. I like to be with her cause she always cheers me up.

I also took some photos of my minis in her place. This week, I try making some canes, like strawberries, passion fruits and candies. I have been playing polymer clay for several months but this is the second time for caning. It’s fun but also as long as I imagine. I makes some cakes too since my birthday is coming next week.

We are going to move in the coming two weeks and my neighbor is so interested in our studio and would like to rent it after we leave. From the view of her own, I understand how she likes our balcony and the view of Golf.

During the week, I receive two “House Move” presents form two friends: “MyFrenchCuisine” paints a cake plate for us. It’s pretty and delicate with rose pattern on it. Another one is a secret friend from United Kingdom. She sent me a colorful castle card and congratulates on our moving. Even it’s just simple words, I am really touched. They both and my neighbor are my remedy when I am lonesome.

Last evening I started thinking how to arrange the messy house cause my husband will come back soon.

Just now he gave me a phone call and said he was blocked in Narita airport; due to the volcanic ash, all the airports in Europe are closed. He waits for ten hours and decides to take the flight to Taiwan. Gosh! I have been waiting for him coming back this evening but now I will still need to wait for several days.

The most funny is he will meet his brother and her sister-in-law who move to Taipei recently. I wish I could go too! *LOL* & * weep* :~

Okay, I need to find something to do otherwise I must be bored in the silent castle. Maybe it’s a good idea to clean the house; I feel always refreshed after trashing all old dusty stuffs. :-) Have a great weekend!


Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Preciosos pasteles y preciosas fotos!

hannajaleijona said...

Your cakes and candies are fantastic! Especially the candies made me smile, so pretty colours.

Hopefully you'll get your loved one home soon.


LaBelleCuisine Miniaturas / ShabbyParis Dolls said...

I love chocolate cakes! They look delicious!

Ascension said...

Los pasteles son una preciosidad y las fotos han quedado genial!!!!
Espero que pase pronto lo de los aeropuertos y tu marido, pueda llegar a casa.
besitos ascension

stil-blicke.blogspaot.com said...

Diese Sachen sehen so lecker aus... fantastisch gemacht.

Und... ich habe einen Award für Sie auf meiner Blogseite... zum Abholen

Liebe Grüße PuNo / Monika

Little Time Wasters said...

Tes gateaux sont trop beaux!

J'espère que ton mari n'est pas coincé avec cette histoire de vulcan! Ma mère est revenue en Angleterre tout juste le jour avant que ça commence - quelle chance!

About Me said...

Thanks Teresa, Marina, Hanna, Ascension, Monika and A-M!
I am glad to have your lovely messages.

My hubby is still blocked in Asia and I prefer that he stay there longer. The Icelandic volcano stops but the ash is still heavy; there might be some risk for the flights. However, hope everything goes back to normal soon. :)

A-M, vous parlez aussi français? Bravo~~~~~

Vicky Guile said...

Hi Oiseau, loving the photos in this blog entry and as always your work is outstanding!
I sent you an email and would love to hear your thoughts on the subject matter, please do let me know, Vicky xxx (NJD Miniatures)


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