Au Rêve Gourmand: Tea Salon and Library

I started the tea salon project in 2016 but for the whole concrete project I started offically from the second half of the year 2017. It includes 5 scenes : pastry shop, tea salon, library, tea shop and terrace garden. In between 2017 and 2018, I completed the electric lighting setting. It was a complicated but very interesting project. I also have completed most part of the furniture. During the two weeks of lockdown, I have filled the bookshelves with copies of gilded books. The library in the second floor is almost done.
The painting "Lilas in the glass vase" is the work of my friend Catherine Buron Masbou de 'NINETTE & CO'!
I now need to get more inspiration for the next project! :)

Vidéo: le jour et la nuit à la bibliothèque


miniacollection said...

C'est magnifique.

Catherine said...

It is just beautiful! I love seeing your work. XXX

Isabel Ruiz said...


elizabeth s said...

It's STUNNING, Oiseau, and your Taste and Attention to each minute Detail is Impeccable!
I honestly thought the Library was a Full Sized room when I saw it- PERFECTION in Miniature!

PILAR6373 said...

Realmente magnífica!!!!!!

Peiwen PETITGRAND said...

Coucou et merci Geneviève!

Hello Catherine, I hope you are doing well. Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a happy Easter! :)

Thank you too Isabel and PILAR6373 :P

Your lovely comment makes me a day, Elizabeth! Thank you :)

Huibrecht said...

Quel spectacle! J'aime la Rève Gourmand!

Catherine said...

bonjour Peiwen ,
le confinement te réussi . c' est un sacré travail de faire tous ces livres . ils sont magnifiques . les bibliothèques sont très originales en arrondi . j 'aime beaucoup le style des chaises . c 'est un joli projet . je suis contente que le petit tableau est trouvé une place .
prend bien soin de toi et de ta famille .

Hazel said...

I've come across your blog via your etsy store and thought the photo of the library ect was a photo of an actual building! Boy do you have some skills!


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